About us

My name is Brian Macy I am a full time EFI Tuner, Problem Solver and Supply parts to many people from street rods to offshore marine power boats.

I have also worked as instructor/trainer teaching people how to tune. I have a background in Engineering, welding and Industrial machining.

From a Hobby to Profession.

My whole life has been in search of horsepower and good running engines. This all started as a hobby in high school with my 1966 Chevy Chevelle that had a 327 and a powerglide transmisssion. Later when I got married to my wife Heather I bought a 66 Nova with a 350 and a small kit of nitrous. It was already tubbed, we were in the 90s after all. The car went a 12.50 quarter mile time and we had a ton of fun with it. Over the years we raced the Nova and it went faster every year. The car really started to go fast when we decided to turbo the car. I had spent some time learning computers back in the windows 3.11 days and that looked to make this fuel injection stuff easier. At the time there was only a hand full of people in the US who were doing EFI tuning. I took the plunge and taught myself how to tune EFI. It was a long process with little to no help and no one to ask questions. There just wasn't anyone to help. in 2004 the new EFI engine in the Nova had a personal best of 7.70 188 in the quarter mile. This produced lots of phone calls from people who wanted EFI and turbos. In 2006 I decided to leave my engineering job at Washington State Dept of transportation to focus on Horsepower Connection full time. We continued to run the Nova up and down the west coast then In 2010 we started The EFI Store brand and our on line store. From there Horsepower Connection and The EFI Store have both grown beyond my expectations.